We take the social responsibilities in the process of the rapid urbanization

 as urban planners and architects at the same time. We fully understand

 the demands of the social value and the economic value in the 

urban construction and take it account in the design. We take 

‘’design by research ‘’as our strategy. 

We provide creative and professional design throughout the whole 

process of the real estate development.


Context – High Speed Urbanization


YITONG established a design team with members having international

 education and working experiences. We deeply understand the company's 

challenges and opportunitiesand the operation mode 

in the process of the international and regional urbanization.


Attitude – Social duty


YITONG DESIGN restrains the design not to be only on self-expression.

 We do not passively respond to the client.

 On the contrary, we bravely take the social responsibilities and actively involved 

in the process of urban construction as the professional urban planner.


Principle -Social & Economic


YITONG DESIGN is the coordinator to balance the various demands

 of the social value and the economic value between the cities,

 the governments, the enterprises, the organizations, the public, and the developers etc.


Design Strategy – Design by Research


YITONG DESIGN put a high value on the factors that affect the design, such like the politics,

 economy, humanity, fashion, technology, society etc. Research, 

study and analysis are the important methods for us not only to achieve design concepts,

 but also to make decisions. We enlarge our roles to be the observers and planners of the cities.

 Our strategy in practice is to design by research which gives us

 the most objectivity and creativity at the same time.


Standard Framework – Creative and Professional


YITONG DESIGN organized as: Design Committee-Design Department -Design Team.

 We have high efficient co-design system with teams including Planning,

 Architecture, Graphic, and Technical Design.

 Our driving force is the Idea Centre. We ensure both creative and professional design standards.


Design Objects – Urban Development


YITONG DESIGN integrates the expertise control of the policy

 planning with the experiences of the real estate development strategy.

 We’ve completed lots of practical urban planning and urban design which become

 the driving forces of the cities. Our design practices including urban complexes to residences

 are all based on the deeply understand of the urban development.


                           Design Scope – Whole Process                           


YITONG DESIGN provides nine sectors which cover from the considerations of the overall

 picture to the details realization for the whole process of design. 

 1. Conceptual Urban Planning Design  2. Consultation of Regulatory Plan 

 3. Constructive-Detailed Plan Design  4. Architectural Scheme Design 

 5. Architectural Preliminary Design  6. Detail Design 

 7. Integrated Design 8. Site Consultation 9. Post-Service